Mojotone Princeton Reverb Clone Project

Final assembly

For final assembly I first put the metal covers on the 12AX7 and 12AT7 tubes.

IMG_5945-5aa0e9 IMG_5947-d87e9f

Next I needed to install the reverb tank. Mojotone does not provde any option for securing the tank to this cabinet, so I decided to get some velcro and screw velcro loops to the bottom of the cabinet. These loops can then be wrapped around the bag with the reverb tank in to to hold it down. I also used the white plastic cable clamp to attach the shielded reverb wires to the cabinet.

IMG_5944-7ff73f IMG_5950-e4f276 IMG_5951-165d28 IMG_5952-bae4c0

Next I inserted the chassis into the cabinet and used the metal straps and long screws to screw it in. I also reinstalled the "back doors" on the back of the amp.

IMG_5948-786e65 IMG_5949-ad3df7 IMG_5954-4b9ae0

Finally I was able to switch on and play the completed amp!

IMG_5953-fb6fa0 IMG_5955-755115

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